new blog

i'm moving on to a new blog.  i just needed a change in my life.  (because having two babies and starting a new job just wasn't enough....yea right).



is it?

is what lincoln would be asking about this blog since it seems to have disappeared.  

we are still here.  just very, very busy.  and having lots of summer fun.  

i am embarrassed that its been almost two entire months since i last wrote anything.  i've had good intentions.  i've wrote many a blog in my head.  and i've even been formatting pictures to post.  i just never seem to get around to it.  once again, i shall try to be more diligent.  but given the choice, wouldn't you rather be hanging out with these boys than typing away??

i'll try to write again soon.  right now the linco-bean is up in his bed, crying (he literally woke up from his nap the second i started typing this....he knows).  i have lots of cute stories, lots of milestones (half of us are a whole year older since i last posted), and of course, endless pictures that will make your hearts melt and your mouths drool- like the boy above.  


the incredible egg

happy birthday to craigie-eggie!!!
craigie is my favoritest brother in the whole world.  (okay, fine...and my only brother).  but he is the greatest.  he's super fun & silly & just an all around great kid. (he's been living in brooklyn for just over a year now, and we miss him terribly).    
i've always envied his position as the "funny bone" of the family - (craig is super funny for those that have never hung out with him), his ability to eat any & every thing and not gain a single ounce, and the dirty 'stash he sported for a brief period.
you can tell craig & i were definitely cut from the same cloth (besides looking alike).  craig & i both could spend countless hours watching movies....which we did (and still do).  and we both would get in trouble for "spending too much time in our rooms and not with the family" (me with a book, craig prolly hacking someone's computer).  and of course, our fondness for our blankies (and if you catch either of us at the right moment, you still might see the tongue sticking out and the dazed, blankie-look in our eyes).
one of my favorite craigie-bonding moments was when he was working for an insurance company and had to drive around and take pictures of the insured houses.  one sunny, fall day i went with him and we drove around genesee county in his little pick up, just talking & enjoying the fall day.  (i was also secretly plotting how i could get him to drive past "mr. mcgrath's" house without him becoming suspicious - only cer & lyx knew about the crush at that time).
and marla, lyndsay and i will always remember little craigie coming into our room (yes, the 3 of us shared a room at one point) every morning when we were little, in his little tighty whiteys, scratching his tush, and saying good morning.
love you to pieces mitchell craig pierce memorial the second.  have a wonderful, happy birthday!!


excuse me, could we have our hair back?

caitlin was going through her baby book today and found the hair from her first hair cut, which made me think about lincoln's first hair cut.  (i did post this picture in April of '07 when the hair cut happened, but i don't believe i ever shared the following story).

we decided it was finally time to trim up lincoln's mullet and so he got his very first hair cut.  (yes, that's cait cutting his hair...i have no hair-cutting skills)  me, trying to be a good little mother, saved some of the clippings and put them in an envelope;  i then set the envelope on the desk in our room, to be put in lincoln's baby book later.  well, a few days later, i was looking for the envelope and couldn't find it, so i asked mike if he had moved it....which he had.  but, not only did he just move it, he used it!  he thought it was just an empty, blank envelope, so he mailed a check to a high speed dealer whom he had bought a part from!  so this guy got his check, and my baby's first hair clippings!!  (and it was a substantial amount of hair, no matter what michael may say, so this guy definitely had to have noticed when he pulled his check out!).  i will also admit that i did get a tad upset at mike for this, and he offered to actually call the guy and tell him to save the hair & envelope!!!  (i did decline...how awkward would that have been?).  clippings from lincoln's next hair cut did get saved, in another envelope, clearly marked that it was lincoln's hair and not to mail it out.  i get a good laugh every time i think about it.        


Happy Birthday Justin!

Today is Justin's birthday.  He gets to celebrate over in Ireland - lucky duck!  We hope he has a great Irish birthday (even though he's French!).  

Lincoln wanted to send some birthday greetings to his Uncle Jo-Jo:
(I had to put both cause they're both soo cute!)

And, Marla & Justin saw a celebrity at the JFK airport on their way to Ireland!!  I'm so jealous - I've never had a celeb-siting.  I'm not saying who it is, you'll have to wait till Marla gets home & blogs about it - don't want to take away from her exciting post-to-be.  She didn't get her picture with them though...I think she should have (she does have a pic though)!   

Anyhow - happy birthday Justin!  We'll eat some red velvet cake in honor of you!  And happy secretary's day to all the secretaries (yea, I know they're all called administrative professionals now, but that's way too long of a name).  Give yourselves a pat on the back!  (I could technically be considered Mike's secretary for his dental tool repair business - I hope he remembers his secretary today!  Maybe he should take her out to dinner or something...I won't hold my breath.)



(linc-bits: not to be confused with timbits, which are tim horton's version of munchkins.  and now i want some - munchkins, not timbits - dunkin donuts has much better donuts than timmy ho's.)

1. yesterday lincoln woke up from his nap and was up in his crib yelling, "daddy, mike, daddy, mike".

2. today lincoln woke up from his nap and was up in his crib talking.  then he sneezed.  then he said, "bess you zincoln".  (which is how he pronounces his name most of the time, i think he's part german).

(finally got this on video & am getting around to posting it)
too cute:

(and for those that think linc doesn't cry or scream or throw fits)
too naughty: